Where European business embraces the environment

In our consumer-driven world, the potentially harmful impact of products and services on the environment has too often been ignored. But that is changing, thanks to a new generation of consumers and businesses determined to marry society’s everyday needs with a cleaner and greener environment.
One solution is to introduce innovative products, services and processes that protect the environment – a process known as eco-innovation. The goal is to reduce environmental impacts and make better use of resources.

The Eco-innovation initiative is not about research: all ideas must be developed, practical and offer long-term viability to qualify for funding. Nor are projects simply about protecting the environment. What the initiative does is lend a helping hand to innovative and environmentally friendly products, services and processes – moving them along the road to fully fledged commercial prospects, ready for uptake by business and industry.
Exploitation and market replication are key concepts. The EU wants to maximize this initiative’s impact and to get the best possible return on investment for each euro invested in it. The best Eco-innovation projects are those that can be replicated and multiplied across the EU.
EU eco-innovation goals
> Market uptake and leverage
> SME focus
> Substantial environmental benefits
> European added value
Some €200 million are available for Eco-innovation projects from 2008-13, attracting participants from companies and other organizations. Priority is given to SMEs. Currently they make up 70% of project participants.
For all Eco-innovation participants, the goal is clear: boosting Europe’s economic growth whilst protecting the environment.
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