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BBI RescollSurfing on the European Bioeconomy wave :Launching a new Public-Private Partnership for Bio-Based Industries

2014 will have to be remembered as a landmark year for science and innovation in Europe. The European Union (EU), in partnership with industry, will invest more than EUR 20 billion into sustainable growth and jobs through research and innovation, as initially proposed in July last.

Innovative approaches and bold ideas, guided by a clear vision involving both public and private sectors are essential if we are to effectively address the challenges thatwe are facing collectively as a society.

On the 9th of July of this year, the EU and industry is set to jointly launch the first call for proposals of this new wave of public-private partnerships (PPPs), forming an Innovation Investment Package aimed at tackling Europe’s major challenges. The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, also referred to as the Bio-based Industries Initiative, is “the new kid on the block” since the other 4 have already been in existence for 7 years now and have been renewed for the period 2014-2020.

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