POLYZION : Innovation dans le stockage de l’énergie

Current battery technologies for hybrid (HEVs) and small electric vehicles (EVs) have technological, costs or environmental limitations. Despite this, the global market for HEVs and EVs is growing rapidly and is expected to top $2billion by 2015. The PolyZion project aims to create a new class of fast rechargeable zinc-polymer battery for hybrid and small electric vehicles applications.

The research programme combines fundamental material and process advances in ionic liquids, rechargeable zinc electrodes, ultra-fast pulse charge injection techniques and conducting polymers, as well as constructing prototypes battery units for industry standard testing. The resulting battery device will be low cost, have low environmental impact and have the energy and power density necessary to compete with alternative battery technologies in the HEV and EV markets.

PolyZion is a European-led consortium combining world-class research organizations in ionic liquids, conducting polymers (Paniplast by RESCOLL), zinc deposition, pulse charging and batteries, as well as SME partners with expertise in technology development and specialised materials, and large industrial partners with industrial experience of battery manufacture and state-of-the-art testing facilities. The consortium also includes 2 organisations with world-class research expertise from the Emerging Economy (Russia) and a High Income (Canada) countries outside the EU.

For more information : thomas.olinga@rescoll.fr