Valorem et Rescoll réalisent la première analyse du cycle de vie (ACV) d’un parc éolien en France

valoremWind power is an emerging renewable energy widely developed in many countries. Although several analyses have been conducted on the environmental impact of renewable energies, only a few life cycle assessment studies are available for wind plants. Consequently, RESCOLL and Valorem developed a life cycle analysis model to evaluate, from a life cycle perspective, the potential environmental impacts associated with a French onshore wind plant comprised of five 3.0-MW wind turbines.

The life cycle assessment (LCA) was based on data related to a French test wind plant. All stages of the life cycle (study, wind plant parts production, transportation, construction, wind plant operation including maintenance, disassembly and end-of-life treatment of the turbines) were analysed and sensitivity tests were carried out.

To download the article : JEC Juin 2014

From : JEC Magazine June 2014